Botox and hyaluronic acid are remarkable treatments as they are efficient, safe and innocuous.

However, just like any treatment, they require knowledge and competence to achieve the desired results.

Dr Monlibert’s outlook on these treatments is based on an in depth analysis of your face, great listening skills and an aim to look as natural as possible.

Our faces have to keep specific movements in order to look attractive. Injections are small and progressive to avoid a frozen and ageless look.

It is necessary to leave some fine and natural lines in order to respect facial expressions while significantly improving the whole face’s wrinkles.

The end result must look natural, an anti-aging treatment will be considered successful if people around you do not notice you have had cosmetic treatments but rather if they compliment you on how fresh you look.


Botox or hyaluronic acid?


Botox and hyaluronic acid are complementary treatments. They cannot replace each other.

Botox aims to treat the cause of the symptom. It directly treats the muscles that provoke wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid aims to treat the symptom -the wrinkle- by filling it up.

It is also used to enhance the lips and give them a fuller appearance.

Botox is appropriate in helping rejuvenating the upper third of the face while hyaluronic acid is used for the lower half of the face.

These two products are sterile, medically mastered and resorbable. No modificiation will be completely permanent.


The injections :


-are only slightly painful

-can be done with local anesthesia (topical cream) at the patient’s discretion

-are quick (10 to 20 minutes)

-do not necessitate any recovery time afterwards


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