Mesotherapy & Skin booster

Mesotherapy & Skin booster treatments on the face involve injecting micro doses of a nutrient mixture (hyaluronic acid, vitamines…) directly into the dermis where a classic cream cannot penetrate.

This hyaluronic acid and the vitamines stimulate the production of collagen and lead to deep skin regeneration.

Very efficient in cases of sagging or loss of elasticity of facial skin, the neck and collar bone area. We recommend this treatment for tired, dull, dehydrated and slightly wrinkled skin.

They can be used to rehydrate the skin deep below the surface (dermis) through the injection of hyaluronic acid. This naturally occurring compound in the body tends to disappear over time and contributes to the decline in volumes of a face. To compensate for this loss, micro-injections of hyaluronic acid are used to ‘plump’ the dermis and provide a tightening effect.

There is a real improvement in the texture of the skin which becomes smoother and more toned.

Vitamins and trace elements also act deep under the dermis by providing nutrients that aid repair of damaged skin due to excessive sun exposure, smoking and pollution.

Firmness and skin tone show immediate improvement after the first treatment and further treatments contribute to a brighter and fresher complexion.

What you and everyone else will see is a wonderful and radiant skin.

😷Treatment: Mesotherapy & Skin booster

⏱Time it takes: 30 min

🎯Purpose: To treat lost of firmness, suppleness, volume and hydratation

🤓How it works: Hyaluronic acid and vitamins injected into the derm

😴Anaesthesia: Topical cream

📆Recovery: None

🎉Results: Straight after treatment

👌🏻Last: Up to 3 months for Mesotherapy, up to 6 months for Skin Booster

💷Cost: from 185£